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Marguerite Smith

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Condolences For Marguerite Smith

To : Marguerite Smith Date : Tuesday, November 16th 2021
From : Her Children
Our Mother (Mom) has left this earthly place, but will never leave all the people she touched. With gratitude and much Love, Your Children

To : The family of Marguerite Smith Date : Tuesday, November 16th 2021
From : Carl Cray
It’s with sad sorrow but sweet memories I have of Peg on her passing into the Lord’s hands. We spent many times playing piano and enjoying her smiles. I will always remember her fondly. Rest in peace….

To : Everyone Date : Tuesday, November 16th 2021
From : Jason Keller & Family
As a child what I admired most about Nanny (our Grandmother) was her adventurous spirit. It is truly inspiring. I know she is in God’s hands and with His help is on to the next great adventure. She will be missed.

To : Nanny Date : Tuesday, November 16th 2021
From : Nicki
Nanny was a true matriarch who loved her family and she will be missed ♥%uFE0F

To : Date : Tuesday, November 16th 2021
From : Christin
My Nanny's car was always full, but lots of it was books. Once, she told me quite seriously that my mother was good because she read to us, and I became grateful for something I never knew could be absent. She told me to never stop learning long before I heard the term "growth mindset" and always seemed to be in school. She spoke flippantly about degrees and accolades but seriously about learning itself. I liked her stories about working nights and finding places to sleep. One time she took me to the movie theater, just us, then fell asleep during the previews and woke up during the credits. Sometimes she left her turn signal on because she couldn't hear it. Whenever she visited, she always kept Dad up talking long into the night, and I would fall asleep to loud, philosophical conversations peppered with "Ma!" and "Hunt!". She was always enthusiastic about Ireland, the culture, our history. Once, at a St Patrick's Day event, without any warning, she pulled me backstage, stopped a group of step dancers with tight curls and heavy makeup, and said "This little girl wants to be a step dancer." I was shocked because *I knew* that *she knew* that *I knew*: I had never said that. It was not the first time I was shocked by her brazenness, and it would not be the last. I love you Nanny. Thank you for being an example of a limitless soul.

To : My family Date : Wednesday, November 17th 2021
From : Stephanie weber
My thoughts and prayers are with you all
May our love and memories of our mom be in our hearts forever. %uD83D%uDC95 God bless, rest in peace
You were one special lady.

To : The Family of Marguerite Smith Date : Wednesday, November 17th 2021
From : Rosalie Williams
My condolences to all of you. I hope soon that your tears of loss will be replaced by smiles from your memories. Growing up and being around the Smith family, the main thing I remember is that Mrs. Smith (what we always called our friends parents back in the day), was that she was never shy about her opinions and always spoke her mind. She loved her family and God and was not afraid to tell you. She will be sorely missed. RIP

To : Family Date : Wednesday, November 17th 2021
From : Dennis Harsh
Thinking of all of you in this time of sorrow. She's now with our Lord and at Peace.

To : Marguerite Smith Date : Thursday, November 18th 2021
From : Traci and Jeff Harris
We loved our "Nanny". I was asked what i remembered most about her and it is clearly how she honored education, accolades, family, and the ability to show our spark in this world. As a grandchild she always told me how proud she was of All our accomplishments. From the time I was chosen in elementary school to speak in front of the entire Catholic Church to the time I spoke of the love of my husband in front of close loved ones on my wedding day, there she was with that glint in her eye and her special smile telling me I was someone special. I appreciated that. She had a big heart and lots of love to give. She loved her family so much and the family loved her back BIG. A huge Hug to all our family members. Love and miss you, T

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