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Sharon Kay Harris

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Condolences For Sharon Kay Harris

To : Harris Family Date : Sunday, September 26th 2021
From : Pete Shaw, GHHS, Class of 1964
Sharon was the most kind person you will ever meet, may she rest in Peace

To : Harris Family Date : Sunday, September 26th 2021
From : Jim and Vicki Blackburn
My memories of Sharon go back to when I was working in Grandview .
She was such a wonderful person. She was so funny and committed to her family. She loved her kids!
Vicki first met her when she and Joanne found us our house on Berkshire Rd. She remembers when they somehow misplaced the key so we had first bid! We lived there happily for for 23 years.
Later she helped us sell my Mom's house.
I think the buyers bought the house because of her!
She always had a smile and a friendly Hello for everyone.
We are so sorry for your loss
She surely touched our lives
She will be missed

To : Sharon’s Family Date : Sunday, September 26th 2021
From : Deacon Dennis And Elaine Rotondo
Dennis and I
Are sending our blessings to the family.
Your mother and father are back together again.
We have known your parents since school. Dennis attended St Agatha with your Dad and I knew your mom
From Grandview High!
You are lucky to have had such devoted to God parents . What a wonderful gift they left you all.
We will have a mass said for her at our small St Louise church in Idaho.
God’s blessings on the entire Family.
Dennis & Elaine Rotondo

To : Date : Sunday, September 26th 2021
From : Debra stratoti
I loved your twinkling eyes smile. Cheryl and I will always have nothing but fond memories of our family time. Your warmth and welcoming smile I'll always remember. May God hold your hand as Uncle Franz welcomed you home. Sorry Pat and I will be unable to attend service he is still recovering from Covid-19 . please cousins stay on touch

To : Harris Family Date : Monday, September 27th 2021
From : Matt, Amy, Jackson and William Casey
I had the privilege of knowing Mrs. Harris the majority of my life. From hanging at the Harris home on First Ave with Chris and Mike to watching my nephews and her grandchildren play football at Bobcat stadiums on Friday night, I shared many experiences with your loving mother. Mrs. Harris was always sweet and caring with me and in the more recent years, my boys. I will always appreciate that. She seemed to always have a smile and I will remember that about her. She seemed to enjoy every moment, especially those moments with all her family. Mrs. Harris made a great matriarch for the Harris family and she will be missed. We are very sorry for your loss.

To : Harris Family Date : Tuesday, September 28th 2021
From : Brian Amicon
Chris, Mike and Harris Family- I was so sorry to hear of your mother's passing. She was an amazing person, and I have only the happiest memories of her, and the time spent at your house on Elmwood when we were young. I cannot think of a more patient, understanding and kind parent. She put up with all of our "shenanigans", and handled them in a way I now envy as a parent. She was the best. I rest well knowing she is close to God and at peace. God Bless.

To : Harris Family Date : Tuesday, September 28th 2021
From : Todd and Sandie Southern
Both of our hearts go out to everyone in the Harris family. Sharon was such a dynamic,kind,and loving soul. We have great memories of many fun events at her home with Franz. We also much appreciated her real estate skills when we needed help in selling our mothers homes. She will be greatly missed. Unfortunately, we will be out of town and will miss her memorial service.

To : Harris Family Date : Tuesday, September 28th 2021
From : Leslie (Forster) and Tom Main
I have such fun memories of watching Sharon and her friends drive around Frisches Big Boy on Northwest Boulevard on Friday nights when we were in high school. She was a friend to all who knew her! Then, through my sons Ben and Zach Izzie, I had the privilege of knowing Mike and Chris very well. What a wonderful family. Sharon, you were blessed in so many ways. And now your family, will carry on that legacy of loving and caring. Heidi, Gretchen, Mike and Chris, you are in my prayers as you grieve your wonderful mother.%uD83D%uDE4F%uD83C%uDFFC%uD83D%uDC95

To : Heidi, Gretchen, Mike and Chris Date : Wednesday, September 29th 2021
From : Carolyn Chavanne
Sharon was admired by many people and I have enjoyed knowing Sharon and all her many interests and activities throughout the years. She was truly one of the nicest person I have known. My condolences.

To : Chris and Emily Date : Thursday, September 30th 2021
From : Ruthie and Hans Lehmann
We are so very sorry to hear about the death of Sharon. Our thoughts and prayers are certainly with you and your dear family. She was a lovely lady. Much love to you.

To : The Harris Family Date : Thursday, September 30th 2021
From : Lynda Long
I was fortunate to know Sharon from her Real Estate days. She was a lovely gal and an honest and hard working Realtor. Condolences to the family.

To : Harris Family Date : Saturday, October 2nd 2021
From : Ray and Martha Corbett
I just saw this today I wish I could have been the for her services. You were all so lucky to have a such a kind wonderful Mother. Her warm smile made everyone feel comfortable around her. She welcomed our young family into in the Grandview Community years ago, took us under her wing and made us feel like we belonged. She gave joy and kindness to everyone around her. She loved her family so much and I enjoyed seeing her, just to catch up on all of you. So sorry for your loss! Sending this with lots of love and warmness from our hearts.

To : Harris Family Date : Tuesday, October 5th 2021
From : Ed and Sonia Heminger
We were saddened to hear of Sharon's passing. Our memories with her and your dad go way back to the 70's and the time spent in our family room with them and Larry Larson, Chuck Amicon, and Steve Browning! Good times! It was great to see your mom in more recent years at the Grandview football games! Condolences to you all.

To : Harris Family Date : Wednesday, October 13th 2021
From : Jenny Foster
I was also a Realtor in the same office of CBKT with Sharon. We used to ride together often on house tours. One day I was complaining about real estate problems keeping me up at night. Sharon said that when she and Franz would be getting ready for bed he would say to her "Who are we sleeping with tonight?" I thought that was so funny and have shared that story many times.

To : Harris Family Date : Sunday, October 31st 2021
From : Shari Love
I was a neighbor and best friends with Sharon on Parkway Drive and at Robert Louis Stevenson Elementary School. After I changed school districts in Junior High School, we did keep in touch through college; however, not so much after I moved out of state. I shared a wonderful dinner with Sharon and Franz in San Francisco in the
1990's, and am truly grateful for that last memory of those two special people. I wasn't surprised to read about all of Sharon's impressive contributions and accomplishments; she was always a force for good. I wish her family peace and grace in this most sacred and tender time. RIP dear old friend.

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