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Elizabeth McCloskey

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Condolences For Elizabeth McCloskey

To : Betty\'s family Date : Wednesday, July 7th 2021
From : Karen Shaw
Sending my condolences and love from the
Shaw family. You were so sweet Aunt Betty. I loved your laugh and smile. I loved hearing your voice the times we would talk on phone and the times we visited..thank you for being with us when Mom and Dad passed away. Also I also remember when you and Uncle Dick came to my high school graduation. Love always your Irish girl.

To : Dick McCloskey Date : Thursday, July 8th 2021
From : Donald Schlegel
So sorry for your great loss, Dick.

Don Schlegel

To : The McCloskey family Date : Friday, July 9th 2021
From : Deborah F. Kingsboro
So dear a woman was Betty. My heart goes out to you, her family. She was very special to me and to many. Such a wealth of memories will continue to bring smiles to your faces and healing to your hearts.
I wish you strength and healing as you grieve the loss of Betty. I am so sorry for your loss.God bless you. Love, Deb

To : Family Date : Thursday, August 26th 2021
From : Kelly McCloskey
My most beloved, talented, witty, and charming teacher was my Grandma…

I was lucky enough to spend a lot of quality time with her when I was young.

She would pick me up from school. We would walk to the Whetstone library and because she couldn't say no to 5 year old me asking for just 1, 2 or 20 more books, we would struggle the entire walk home with the huge stack of books. When we got home she would sit and read every single one to me. When she needed a break we would take her stash of stale bread down to the casting pond to feed the ducks.

Some rainy afternoons, I would say " I know, let's make spaghetti, it only takes a half hour, grandma" She would get out her big cutting board and pasta machine and show me how to make the dough. Of course this takes way more than 30 minutes. I was little and it seemed like I could never get it quite right. But she was patient and kept working with me on the technique. Which kept me willing to try.

She would quiz me on what type of apples she used in her pie by their taste. "Jonathan or Macintosh?" I never got it right. But it didn't matter, her pies were always delicious. Especially when they were fresh out of the oven with ice cream. I'm still not confident that I could accurately guess.

How do you like them apples?

One time when I asked how she made her mashed potatoes taste so good she said with a wry smile and a wink, "I stick my finger in them".
That’s when it started to make sense.

I decided that's what I wanted to be when I grew up. ȁCI'm gonna be a chef!ȁD, and eventually I did. Working my way up, every weekend, every holiday. I started to believe that the compensation was not nearly enough for all this work. Cooking truly is a labor of love.

At the time I didn’t realize that not only had she been teaching me the techniques and skills I needed, but something way more important. It's not about what's written on the recipe, the ingredients, or the techniques. It’s all love that goes into it that makes it taste so good.

Our grandma was the highest paid chef I know. She was paid in love and she put that love right back into her cooking for us. We love you grandma and we will all miss you so much.

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