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Mary Jane Albanese

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Condolences For Mary Jane Albanese

To : Dina, Fred, and Family Date : Monday, April 27th 2020
From : Ron Ison
Very sorry for your loss but hoping you are able to think of the great life she lived. She will always be there for you even when at first you think she is not. You will find her in the actions and habits of her grand children. You will find her in the places where you had a great time. You will find her when you are hurting and could really use her. Certain smells and food will bring her to mind. Find the peace and love she would want you all to have. And be full of joy that you had her so long.

To : Albanese family Date : Wednesday, April 29th 2020
From : Kathie Volpe
Comare was so very special to us. She was a very, very dear friend to Diva. We remember her singing and happy laugh. The memories held in your heart will eventually help you get through it. I know how difficult it is to lose a mother/grandmother.

Remember that she is always near in spirit. Each time she comes to mind (even in a moment when you least expect it), she is nearby and wants you to know that. Listen with your heart and look with an open mind. You will see signs that she is near - in the actions and habits of her grandchildren, in little things that remind you of her. When you see her favorite flowers, food, smell... Our angels are near always and love to let you know.

She lived a long, happy, full life and was very fortunate to have loving friends and family. She knew she was loved by all those around her. She will be missed.

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