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Patrick Joseph Jeany

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Condolences For Patrick Joseph Jeany

To : Genny Date : Wednesday, February 27th 2019
From : Pat Allison
Genny & family I am so sorry for your loss. Pat was a very special guy & Ill always remember his smile & my last hug...

To : Pat Date : Wednesday, February 27th 2019
From : Dennis
I%u2019ve known Pat since the days he played in Sweet Cheeks and I was in Rosie. He was one of the best bass players I%u2019ve ever known. The man never said anything Ill of another person, and has a personality and smile that could light up a room.

To : Pat\'s Family Date : Friday, March 1st 2019
From : Cathy
Didn't Know Pat well but listened to him play for many years. Was always extremely nice and personable. He will be missed!

To : Ginny and family Date : Friday, March 1st 2019
From : Gidget and Don Day
We loved Pat very much. The world doesn%u2019t seem the same without him in it. God bless you all and thank you, Ginny, for the wonderful care you provided to Pat.

To : Genevieve and Pat Date : Saturday, March 2nd 2019
From : Darlene Victoria de Lyon

Our family is in deep mourning today. In the wee hours of the morning, we lost our beloved Patrick Jeany to brain cancer. He was of the normal and he was of the extraordinary. A lovely normal mixture of a hometown (Columbus, Ohio) Italian man, truck driver, beloved uncle, son, cousin, and friend to so many. And, the extraordinary, as he had so many special gifts.

He was a man who put his talent out in the world as a bass player in many bands in Ohio and elsewhere. He played with J. D. Blackfoot, extensively. He had many friends as a result. When he was a teen and young man his mother commented on how the phone was always ringing and how she had never seen anyone with so many friends.

If there was someone in need he was there. Stories are coming out about how he helped people. He would just show up with groceries and a little cash.

When his parents became elderly he built a house on the lot next to their home to help care for them. After they passed he bought their old home from his siblings and moved into his parents' house. He understood the importance of keeping an ancestral home in the family. He did not see the dollar value. He saw something else. He knew that houses carried vibrations. When he and his sister came to visit me in Kansas City a few years ago, he told me that I had a very good house in that regard. Saying, "I can tell." I believe he could.

If there was a baby or children at a family gathering, there would be Pat with the baby in his arms walking around. In one of the pictures below he is with his niece and nephew. (I took all of these photos on my SLR Nikon in about 2005 at a family gathering. Since these photos were taken, Pat's hair had turned completely white and he wore it in a long ponytail down his back.)

When his sister lost her husband due to a botched operation about 10 years ago, Pat stepped in to help. He called her everyday and was very protective of her from then on. He really looked out for her.

He could also be a jokester. I remember when we were grade school age, he had this fake plastic vomit..well...enough said!

There are so many Pat stories I could tell even though, I left Columbus when I was nineteen, because he really left an impression.

In addition to all of this he was arrestingly handsome. He really turned heads. He once commented to his sister, that people were always starring at him and he did not know why. Of course, we knew why! He had charisma-plus!

RIP Patrick! You were a bright spot in our family. I will never forget your lovely, gentle, spirit!

P.S. Something should be said about his sister Genevieve, who cared for him in her home right up to the end. Gen is just under 5', and this could have been no easy task. She let no detail slip through her fingers. She is an amazing woman.
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To : Angelo and Genevieve Date : Saturday, March 2nd 2019
From : Diane (Montell) Earwood and my brothers and sister
I would like to send our condolences for Patrick's passing. We send our thoughts and prayers for you and your extended family and friends. Your memories will live on in a special place in your hearts. May God continue to give you comfort.

To : Jenny Date : Saturday, March 2nd 2019
From : Ken Robinson
Sorry I wasn't able to attend the service. Was having an MRI at Riverside. Knew Pat since 1970 from our days at Westinghouse. My fond memories of Pat will be his SMILE, playing bass, and motorcycle riding. May the face of Christ shine upon Pat and provide him with everlasting peace.

To : Pat Date : Monday, March 4th 2019
From : Susie
Life is but a stopping place,
a pause in what's to be.
A resting place along the road,
to sweet eternity.
We all have different journeys,
different paths along the way.
We all were mean to learn some things,
but never meant to stay.
Our destination is a place,
far greater than we know.
For some the journey's quicker,
for some the journey's slow.
And when the journey finally ends,
we'll claim a great reward.
And find an everlasting peace,
together with the Lord.

God bless you.

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