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Richard A. Hollingsworth

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Condolences For Richard A. Hollingsworth

To : Elsie Sanchez Date : Thursday, December 27th 2018
From : Jim and Anne Murrin
Dear Elsie
We are so sorry to hear of Rich%u2019s passing. You were such a loyal supporter to him. We are here for you during this difficult time.
Jim and Anne

To : Elsie Sanchez Date : Thursday, December 27th 2018
From : Art and Barb Vogel
Very saddened to hear about Rich%u2019s passing. So sorry for your loss. If we can help please let us know.

To : Elsie Sanchez Date : Thursday, December 27th 2018
From : Elizabeth Watters
I am so sorry for your loss. As you know, he was a wonderful teacher, mentor, advisor and friend to so many Ohio State students. I could not have asked for a better faculty advisor when I was a member of Ohio Staters, Inc. He change my life and career path, and it is because of him that I went onto law school and became an attorney. And, I know how much he loved you. I remember the Stater retreat/meeting at his house when he introduced you to us as his fiance and how happy he was. That is how I will always remember him -- as someone who brought out the best in students, who quietly listened to them before imparting pearls of wisdom that kept them on the right path, and who loved his life with you.

To : Elsie Sanchez Date : Thursday, December 27th 2018
From : Sue Mayet
Just read of the sudden passing of Rich. I will always remember him during my tenure at Ohio State - he was a wonderful kind human being who cared deeply about his students and staff. My thoughts & prayers go with you and your family during this very difficult time.

To : Elsie Sanchez Date : Friday, December 28th 2018
From : Marty Kendall
Oh Elsie I am so sorry to hear this.My arms are around you tight

To : Date : Friday, December 28th 2018
From :
Our deepest condolences to Elsie and family. We both served on the Student Affairs Diversity Council with Rich many years ago, where we held one of our retreats in your beautiful home. Rich will always be remembered for his kind heart and generosity in his service to OSU. We will not forget him. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Bryan and Brenda Harris

To : Elsie Date : Friday, December 28th 2018
From : Deb Zabloudil
I remember Rich from my Intro to Student Affairs class atOhio State. I could tell how much he loved his job, all the students, and life in general. I know he will be missed. Thank you for sharing Rich with us!

To : Elsie Sanchez Date : Friday, December 28th 2018
From : John Karras, Ph. D.
Dear Elsie,
I am so saddened to learn that Rich passed. He was a true mentor to me and to my good friend Dr. John Noftsinger (RIP). He was one of the most real, funny and caring people I have ever met. He cared about students more than 98% of those I worked with in the profession over 25 years. He helped me learn and grow. His life touched many. Many blessings to you.

To : Elise Sanchez Date : Saturday, December 29th 2018
From : Jane Hamblin, Mortar Board National Office
On behalf of the National Council of Mortar Board, I send deepest sympathy for your loss. Rich was a person who lived Mortar Board's Ideals of scholarship, leadership and service every day of his life. We were proud to claim him as a member.

To : Elsie Sanchez Date : Monday, December 31st 2018
From : Pat Doust & Richard North
Our thoughts are with you. Rich left such a positive mark on academia. Peace.

To : Elsie Sanchez Date : Monday, December 31st 2018
From : Spence Flournoy
For some reason I didn't know Rich, I graduated in March 1972 and was an active Stater to the end. Condolences to your family. He sounds like a giving and loving person who embodied the Ohio Staters ethic.

To : Elsie Date : Wednesday, January 2nd 2019
From : Nancy Johnston Wahl
Dear Elsie: My deepest sympathy for your loss of Richard. He was spectacular in so many ways. So kind and generous. He was like a brother to me when I was growing up. My dad mentored him, and he mentored me. He was so creative, engaged and intelligent. The world is a better place because of him and I am a better person. I think of him often. When we were young and life seemed it would go on forever, he asked that when he died, we all bring the stained glass windows he made us and display them. Those windows are now permanently installed in the walls of my home. I wish I could tear them out and bring them. Much love to you.

To : Elsie Date : Friday, January 4th 2019
From : Gregg Peace & Kevin Milstead
Elsie- we are so sorry for your loss. Gregg and I are out of town, but are thinking of you and sending you all our love.

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