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Willis H. Hodges, Jr., M.D.

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Condolences For Willis H. Hodges, Jr., M.D.

To : The Hodges Family Date : Saturday, November 25th 2017
From : Tom & Mary Pat
A man of kindness, generosity and integrity. We are going to miss you Dr. Bill. May your soul rest in eternal peace with our Heavenly Father. God Bless You!

To : The Hodges Family Date : Saturday, November 25th 2017
From : Judy and Tim Dougherty
He was a dedicated healer. His legacy will live on. Best wishes to all his loved ones.

To : Family of Dr. Willis H Hodges Date : Saturday, November 25th 2017
From : Victor F Artigas
I had the privilege to know him through my in-laws and he became our family doctor to us and our kids since the late 1970's...he was an extremely dedicated doctor in his profession many a time he will see us after hours in his office in High Street... visited him in Jan 8 2017 and we chat for was very special to see him again in which he talked about his special family and some remembrances from past times...

My deepest condolences from the bottom of my heart I will miss him kids now in Las Vegas (Chris and Aimee) send also regards...

Bless you Dr. Hodges for all you are and did for us in the many years we needed you ! RIP

Victor F Artigas & family

To : Family of Dr Hodges Date : Sunday, November 26th 2017
From : Mary Norman Eisel
To the family of Dr Hodges,
He was a great doctor. He was a doctor to me from when I was in my mom's womb to be retired.
Many stories of waiting, serious and fun conversations.
Thank you for caring for my parents over the years also. You took very good of them. I'm sure they greeted you as you came to heaven.

To : The family of Willis H. Hodges Jr. MD Date : Sunday, November 26th 2017
From : Cindy and Jeff Grate and Georgene Rudolph
So very sad to hear of the passing of Dr. Hodges. My grandparents,and parents all went to Dr. Hodges until he retired. I of course as a child did as well and as an adult with my husband until his retirement. I have so many memories as a child at his office on High St. I can still see the little wooden bookshelf and remember sitting and reading stories. Or how Dr. Hodges would give me a lollipop after my appt.My parents wouldn't tell me when I had to get a shot because I as a child was afraid of Mrs. Wade. Lol Anyway Ihave never found a doctor since who was so kind, caring, and compassionate. Heaven gained a wonderful angel.Rip Dr. Hodges

To : The Hodges Family Date : Sunday, November 26th 2017
From : Kenton, Jeanine, Jenifer and Lisa Frash
Our family had the privilege of Dr. Hodges kind services since 1964 until he retired in 1997. No one can compare. He always spent as much time as needed and was never hurried. May God Bless him and his family. With Heartfelt Sympathy!

To : Family of Doc Hodges Date : Sunday, November 26th 2017
From : John J. Schroeder and family
Being one of the younger children of Francis and Mary Schroeder of Cincinnati, I only had the pleasure to visit with Doc and his family about once a year at family reunions, of which several in Columbus. He was always warm and generous to our family and we appreciated his affection when my parents and elder sister Sandy passed. May God keep him and your family close to him in heaven.

To : The Hodges Family Date : Sunday, November 26th 2017
From : Rick & Terri Louder
Thank you Dr Bill for letting us join you for so many OSU football & basketball games over the years. What great conversations we had. We will miss you. Look forward to seeing you at God's side in Heaven

To : Willis Hodges family Date : Sunday, November 26th 2017
From : Barbara Grunkemeyer
I met Dr. Hodges in 1958 as a pregnant 15 year old teenager who needed not just medical care but the wisdom of a good man. He was there with me through it all. After my daughter was born I decided to go back to high school, in 1960 not many girls with babies went back to high school but I did and Dr. Hodges encouraged me through it all .He took excellent care of both my daughter and me. My senior year in high school my father died of kidney failure and my life changed. My Mother was left with no money and it was awful.
Dr.Hodges called me into his office and his wife was there to talk to me. He said Barb we are going to pay for you to go to college. I told him no you have 4 children of your own. he replied we can afford it let us do this for you. I told him
as soon as I graduated I had to get a job so my Mother would not lose her house. I did get a job at the bank I think because of the wonderful things he said about me. later I married a wonderful man Dr. Hodges really liked I think the answer to his prayers for me. He was with me through the birth of my 4 sons. We moved to Michigan and I still kept him as my doctor. He kept telling me to find Dr. in Michigan and I said no you are my doctor and always will be, so I drove down from Michigan for my check ups as I just couldn't give him up. the years passed and I got a call from him that he wanted to talk to me and would I come to Columbus and go out to dinner with him. His news was he was retiring and
this evening with me. He had worked all day as always and looked so tired so I told him we didn't need to go to dinner.He really needed to home at get some rest. We talked for about an hour hugged and kissed each other goodbye both with tears in our eyes. He was the finest man I have ever known and I know he is in Heaven with our Lord bringing joy to every one there.

To : The Hodges Family Date : Monday, November 27th 2017
From : The Nelsons (Jo & Chuck, Hugh, Joe & Chuck)
It is little surprise to read the wonderful memories of a kind, wise, generous, and caring man. Early memories of caring for me at the High Street office, even earlier stories of Dr. Hodges' father caring for my father and uncle, memories of his house calls for my grandmother, then finally re-meeting at The Forum, where he gave and encouraged my brother and me concerning the care of my dad while he loved Rita every day (it was a pleasure meeting each of you family members too)... A fine physician for sure, and an even better man. God Bless you!! You will be missed and remembered. I am a better man because of you.

To : The family of Dr. Hodges Date : Monday, November 27th 2017
From : Sue Wall
It was an honor and a pleasure to get to know your father and grandfather and share a small part of his life while he lived at the Forum. I treasure the conversations we had. He was a special man who took such an avid interest in others. He often asked for updates on my children and especially my son as he was playing football in college and beyond. He was a very gracious man who was always appreciative and complimentary. He was a friend to many residents and staff and will be sadly missed. Blessings to you.

To : Family of Dr. Willis Hodges Date : Monday, November 27th 2017
From : Pam Walker Cruz
I am saddened to learn of Dr. Hodges' passing. I am so sorry that I did not know he was still living as I would gladly have visited him. I have such fond memories of him as our family doctor in the 50s and 60s. He made house calls to my mother; he delivered my two brothers and was our personal friend. I remember Ruth Wade (I believe her first name was Ruth) and being in the little office on High Street. My sympathy to each of you for your great loss. God bless you!

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