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Walter F. Ersing, Ph.D.

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Condolences For Walter F. Ersing, Ph.D.

To : Sgt.W.F.Ersing Date : Friday, February 16th 2018
From : Herb Guyer-Sharfenaker USMC
God Bless and Thank YOU,Sgt.Ersing for your service in the United States Army Reserve,Medical Det.of the 989th.Engineering Bat.stationed at Ft.Hayes.Was Honorable Discharged,Serving 12 years...RIP... And Semper Fi.... Soldier.

To : Walter Ersing Family Date : Friday, March 2nd 2018
From : Chuck Gulker
Doctor Ersing was an amazing man, and huge influence in my life while growing up in Upper Arlington. Thanks to Doctor Ersing, I got involved in Junion High and High School Soccer in UA. I went with he and his two sons to summer soccer camps in PA/NY. His guidance, instruction and leadership was above great. I've thought about these times in my life quite often over the years.

Last year I stopped off at the Ersing home in UA to just say 'hi'. I was stunned that Doctor Ersing vividly recalled some key games....and even plays during my playing years at UA High School. We chatted like it was yesterday.

In closing, Doctor Ersing was a fine-fine influence on my life growing up.

Chuck Gulker (Dublin, Ohio)

To : Maryalyce Ersing and Family Date : Friday, March 2nd 2018
From : Diane Yoder
My sincere condolences to all of you. I was blessed to know, worship and work with Walter at Advent Lutheran Church. He was always a total delight. I especially appreciated his help at the church%u2019s annual tag Sale, where he cheerfully volunteered as a cashier in the checkout process. He always greeted our %u201Ccustomers%u201D and entertained them with his little jokes and teasing. I will miss Walter and am glad I had the privilege of knowing him. Diane Yoder

To : Maryalyce & all the Family Date : Monday, March 5th 2018
From : Genie Craven
I was saddened to read of Walt's death in the paper. I remember the years he and the children attended Holy Trinity Lutheran Church and especially how he volunteered to sleep overnight when we hosted the Homeless for a number of years. I always thought of him every time there was something about Soccer in the news, as it was a sport I knew little about. My deepest sympathy to all of you.

To : Dr. Ersing Date : Monday, March 5th 2018
From : Chet Hanson
My condolences to the Ersing family. I am one of the many who had the experience of knowing Dr. Ersing, or "Walt" to his Scioto Country Club swimming team members. With his teaching and training I was able to attain what a lot of young men never have a chance to attain. Our competitive swimming team was for me a very rewarding experience. I had the good fortune of going to the AAU meet at OSU one year. I shared a spot on a freestyle team and medley team. We won a bronze medal that I still have today. I remember observing him teach the very young children on how to learn to swim. He had such an easy way of communicating to them with his calming approach.
Looking back, it was a blessing to have known Walt and to have been influenced by him.
Chet Hanson

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