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Elizabeth Ellen Reitter

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Condolences For Elizabeth Ellen Reitter

To : The Reitter Family Date : Saturday, May 26th 2018
From : Akaisha Kaderli
My Dear Cousins,

I am sending my love and my condolences for the loss of your Mother, my Aunt Betty. I am sorry for your emotional pain and grieving. I hope that the love you all shared together and the memories you have will sustain you during this difficult time. I will always remember her brilliant smile - a real show stopper!
Loving you all,

To : The Reitter Family Date : Tuesday, May 29th 2018
From : Sue & Tim Ulmer
I am so sorry for your loss. May God's Blessings be upon her. Love you,

To : The Reitter Family Date : Tuesday, May 29th 2018
From : Jack & Marigene Baumann & Family
Our deepest sympathies to your family. She will be greatly missed and she was loved dearly.

Love you all,

To : All of you -- Date : Wednesday, May 30th 2018
From : Karena Christman
To all my dear cousins

Please know you are all in my heart and prayers. Your mom was a real symbol of strength, sacrificial love and faithfulness to our family.

Losing someone so special to you is never easy - I pray that you rest in the Lord's strength, peace and perfect love.



To : The Reitter Family Date : Wednesday, May 30th 2018
From : Christopher Baumann
Aunt Betty was a warm and caring person with more Spirit than I have ever known. She is always in my soul. Love to all of my Reitter Cousins.

To : Reitter family Date : Thursday, May 31st 2018
From : Karen Ortiz (Baumann)
My last memory of my Aunt Betty was when her kids gave her a wonderful birthday celebration several years ago. She was dancing up a storm with the most beautiful smile on her face surrounded by loving family and friends! I can picture her now doing the same thing. She will forever be in my heart and prayers. Love and prayers for all my cousins, Aunts and Uncles during this difficult time. I love you all. %u2764%uFE0F

To : Reitter Family Date : Saturday, June 2nd 2018
From : Kathy Daft
Love your entire family. My prayers for all.....hope all drive extra cautiously-- a lot on your minds. I rejoice that your mom is at peace....and is celebrating with those joined in heaven before her.

I loved Aunt Betty dearly and will always remember her strength and love...she was such a great family--wife, mother, aunt, friend. She knew Jesus, her mind, spirit and soul! I believe she spoke through her eyes with love , commitment and confidence that we understood us, individually...even though later she could not express in verbal words. She understood heavenly things that none of us ever will during our lifetime. She had faith in everybody, too-- faults and all. Anyway, she never preached to me--what she thought I should be doing. She was a woman who shared just enough information ( many times a scripture)...then would say, " you'll see". I took that as her knowing/ believing that we were each on our own journey to Christ and eternal life with Him....she gave comfort through her eyes...and they did ' sparkle, twinkle..has she would tilt her head and step back...and she would laugh a little--As I understood her to think, " I know you think I am a little wackey....but, you WILL UNDERSTAND LATER". Later, could be here on Earth during our lifetime---- but, if not...SHE KNEW WE WOULD WHEN WE PASS ON AND GO TO HEAVEN. How blessed we were to be in the life of Betty Baumann Reitter. P.S. Especially happy seeing her greeted by her precious little David--- love

To : The Reitter (adult) children Date : Sunday, June 3rd 2018
From : Jacquie Potter Emery and Chris Emery
We are sending love, hugs and prayers to all of you. It is so hard to lose you Mom even if she is not well. She is beautiful and her memory will assist you more than you realize now.
Hugs, Jacquie & Chris

To : Reiter Family Date : Monday, June 4th 2018
From : Andy Baumann
I am so sorry for your loss. Aunt Betty was a great woman and will be missed.Many Great Memories.

To : The Reitter Family Date : Monday, June 11th 2018
From : Crown Pointe Care Center
Our thoughts and prayers are with you all.

You remain in our hearts,
Crown Pointe Care Center

To : The Reitter and Baumann Families Date : Tuesday, June 12th 2018
From : Jacci and Kevin Cenci-McGrody
Dear Reitter and Baumann Families,

You are in our thoughts with our deepest sympathies and prayers. Love, peace, and comfort.

Love, Jacci and Kevin

To : The Reiter Famil Date : Friday, June 15th 2018
From : Debbie Falter
I am so sorry for your loss. Your mom was a special person who I often saw at Crown Pointe. I have prayers and sympathy for you all at this difficult time.

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