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Charlotte Ann Flynn

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Condolences For Charlotte Ann Flynn

To : Charlottes family Date : Tuesday, August 31st 2021
From : Linda Lawson
I was so saddened to hear of Charlottes passing. She was such a sweet lady. I worked with her at CPD for years in Technical Services. She was always willing to learn new things, and she was such a hard worker. She will be missed. RIP

To : The family of Charlotte Ann Flynn Date : Wednesday, September 1st 2021
From : Columbus Division of Police - Records
Ms. Charlotte was loved by everyone and we were sad to hear that she passed away. We in the Records Management Bureau send our deepest sympathies and condolences to you and your family. She will be missed. Praying for you all.

To : Steve, Jim, Nancy, Susan and Laureen Date : Wednesday, September 1st 2021
From : Thomas Flynn
On behalf of my family, please accept our deepest condolences. Although my wife and children never really got to know your mother personally, they've been told what a kind loving person she was. I was always happy that your Mother and Father were my Godparents. Dearest aunt Charlotte, rest in peace within the loving embrace of our blessed savior Jesus. You are loved and you will be missed.
Tom, Laurie, Colin, Liam and Margaret Flynn

To : Charlotte Ann Flynn Date : Wednesday, September 1st 2021
From : Mike Flynn and Family
To Charlotte and her surviving family members: I'm honored to share a couple joyful members.

I let my spiritual imagination flow last Saturday and pictured Charlotte walking into the heavenly kingdom and being greeted by two smiling saints. Both carried the same name on this earth: Charles Martin Flynn. One senior. One junior. One big. One small. The small one nestled into the arms of the big one. Off they went as a threesome once again to find others waiting to greet your mom.

I'll share just a couple of precious memories. I loved going up to the house on Dublin Road where Charlie and Charlotte lived when Steve was just a baby. I'd spend a few days. help with a few chores, take a ride down the Scioto River and try and avoid Charlie's relentless efforts to turn me into a fisherman. If I got lucky, I'd convince them to drive a mile or so to visit with Dick and Bill at the farm. If I got real lucky, your mom would agree to have Dick and Bill down for dinner. I would appease her by doing the dishes and avoiding eye contact with her. On other nice evenings we'd have dinner outside--Charlie, Charlotte, baby Steve and me. Oh yes, there was one other creature bearing my name--Mike the dog, a boxer. For me it was home away from home on many summer evenings and your mom helped make it that way.

Charlie was away for a while after the wedding in 1952 as he finished his tour of military duty in the Army. It was a long wait for your mom and those months did not go by in a hurry. I remember the night your dad was finally going to fly home from Japan. A bunch of us headed to Columbus Airport, as I think it was then called, to make sure he had a proper greeting. Your mom was there of course. So were Grandma and Grandma Flynn, Carol, Pat Dave, Bernie, Mary Ann and Jack Erion and their three kids and lucky old me. What was supposed to be a very early evening arrival didn't happen. We waited and waited, emptied the vending machines and told a lot of stories. Nobody was going to go home without Charlie though, especially your mom as she endured that torturous evening. They let us all go down into the area where baggage staff load and unload planes (I doubt that would be allowed today). Your mom took off in a rush when the door opened and your dad started walking down the stairs. It was a happy moment; a moment of true love for your mom. I'll bet it was like seeing those two spirits named Charles Martin Flynn waiting for her in the heavenly kingdom. Suppose?

To : Jim and Nancy Flynn Date : Thursday, September 2nd 2021
From : Bill Zacharias
Dear Jim & Nancy,
My condolences and prayers are with you on the passing of your Mother.
Bill Zacharias

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