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John Quint Treboni Funeral Home

Advanced Planning

Steps Involved

When someone dies there are many of decisions that need to be considered. In order to ensure that your family will be able to handle the necessary arrangements, you can help them by preparing your funeral plans in advance.

Every memorial is different; however there are some common elements that we have outlined below. These are broken down into two phases.

Phase I - Prearrangement

  • Contact Anthony Treboni with John Quint Treboni Funeral Home and schedule a meeting.
  • Discuss the specific funeral products needed.
  • Discuss the details of the funeral service.
  • Interment or cremation
  • Location
  • Religion or family traditions
  • Enter into an Prefunded Funeral Contract to ensure that your funeral is guaranteed.

Phase II - Prefunding

  • Determine what options are available with John Quint Treboni Funeral Home to pay for your funeral in advance.