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Carolyn S. Roach

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Condolences For Carolyn S. Roach

To : Date : Thursday, September 28th 2017
From : Peggy
How blessed I am to have been loved by this beautiful woman? Her open arms welcomed me into her family and never let go. She was a joy to be around...positive, inquisitive, helpful, giving, sweet, thoughtful. She was the loving glue that held us all together. She was truly one of a kind! I will miss her tremendously! Carolyn will always be in my heart!

To : Alana and Pat Date : Thursday, September 28th 2017
From : Georgia
Carolyn was so blessed to have such wonderful friends as the two of you. I grieve with you at her passing and know that now there is a void in your heart. I pray that you will find comfort and peace in all of the wonderful memories of the good times full of her laughter.

To : Ken and Carolyn\'s Family; Pat T and Alana D Date : Thursday, September 28th 2017
From : Carolyn Fraley
My deepest sympathy in the loss of Carolyn. I have so many great memories of our work years together including many work conferences to other states. Carolyn was always such a giving and caring person and loved her family so deeply. She was especially proud of all her grandkids. She is at peace now after her long hard fought battle with the cancer. She will remain in your hearts and minds forever and one day you will all meet again. Love and hugs.

To : Date : Thursday, September 28th 2017
From : Dennis McFadden
My deepest sympathy for your sorrow and loss, Sharla & Greg. May these words embrace her spirit and honor Carolyn's life and love of family. "To live in the hearts we have left behind is not to die." Carolyn will always live in the hearts of all who loved her and who were touched by her courage. Your friend, Dennis (McFadden)

To : Ken, Sharla, Taryn and Jerod Date : Friday, September 29th 2017
From : Anita Palmer
Carolyn would have loved what you wrote. She knew she was a shopaholic and was proud of it! She once bought a $500 set of pots and pans when she was fresh out of high school because the salesman was so nice. Thank you for including me as one of her loved ones. It was so sweet of you! She was such a special person with a very special family.

To : Ken, Sharla, Taryn, and Jerod Date : Friday, September 29th 2017
From : Georgia
Carolyn's life was so filled by the love of her family. You and the grandkids were the light in her eyes and her life. Following all of the Facebook posts these past couple of years allowed me a glimpse of the wonderful, loving, and supportive family that helped her through each challenge and transition. My deepest sympathy to each of you. May her laughter and smile live in your heart forever.

To : Carolyn\'s family Date : Sunday, October 1st 2017
From : Marsha Greene
Carolyn always had a smile and a loving way. I worked with her at Merrill& McGraw-Hill Pub companies. She was one of the exceptional ones. Everyone loved her.

To : Ken, Sharla, Brookie, Jerod Date : Monday, October 2nd 2017
From : Butch and Susan
At a time of loss we seem to have so many questions and tend to seek comfort in heartfelt answers.
In my case, i find it in calling to mind fun conversations I had with Carolyn. It can just be something simple between sisters-in-law -- like our names. Her's, Carolyn Sue. Mine, Susan Carolyn. Her beautiful smile and intellect so refreshing and kind.
I find comfort with a promise from our Heavenly Father for a resurrection. To see loved ones who have left this earthly life to await a glorious life in his promised paradise where there will be no more sickness and pain. Only peace and happiness. 2 Cor 1:3-7; Rev 21:3

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