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Joseph D. Karam

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Condolences For Joseph D. Karam

To : Karam Family Date : Sunday, April 16th 2017
From : Ron and Verna Fisher
Joseph was a very dear friend to us and our family. I always enjoyed stopping in at his office to visit and listen to how the family was doing. He was very proud of all of you. God bless you at this time, for he is greatly missed.

To : Louise Karam Date : Monday, April 17th 2017
From : Bernard (Buzz) Kanter
My condolence to the family and especially to Louise. I attended law school with Joe and I have many memories and fondly remember seeing him many times at the school and received kisses on both cheeks as his way of greeting me. I am very sorry that I will not be able to attend. Buzz Kanter

To : Karam Family Date : Monday, April 17th 2017
From : John Bowden
My condolences on Joe's passing. I will be out of town and unable to attend his services but wanted to express my sympathies. I knew Joe through Wendy's and can say that he was truly one of the great (and unique) members of those early franchisees. God bless you all in your time of sorrow.

To : Karam Date : Monday, April 17th 2017
From : Connie McCalla
It was my pleasure to get to know Mr. Karam several years ago through the WCOL radiothon to raise money for St. Jude's. Through him, I went to work there for a couple of years and have fully supported them. He will be greatly missed.

To : David, Jim and Family Date : Tuesday, April 18th 2017
From : John & Sharee Barker
David & Jim:
Our deepest sympathy to the Karam family. Joe's contributions to the Wendy's family and the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption are truly special. God bless.
John & Sharee Barker

To : The Karam Family Date : Tuesday, April 18th 2017
From : Steve and Diana Farrar
Dear David and Family,
We are saddened to hear this news. I came to know Joe well in the early days of Wendy's, during a difficult time in the Brand's history. He treated me with respect and kindness during my visits to the Las Vegas market. He impressed me with his savvy common sense and dry wit. His legacy will live on in the terrific family that he sired, and I know he will be watching from Heaven with pride in the family as it carries on his values, and builds upon his accomplishments. He was a patriot and a contributor to his friends, the Wendy's Brand, his community and our nation. Our sincerest condolences, Steve and Diana Farrar

To : the Karam Family and Friends Date : Wednesday, April 19th 2017
From : John and Mona Atala
God rest his soul and give the loved ones the courage to overcome. Joe will be greatly missed at OLOL Mission in Columbus.

To : Karam Family Date : Wednesday, April 19th 2017
From : John & Lory Nader
Joseph will be missed greatly. Our thoughts, love and prayers go out to the family. Rest in Peace Joseph.

To : Karam Family Date : Wednesday, April 19th 2017
From : Dick Lumpe
Sorry for your loss. Joe ,as you know, was a unique person who dearly loved his family. I had many fun filled visits with Joe , both in person and by phone. I will keep all of you in my prayers and masses will and have been said for him. From a Rosary alum, and brow beaten St Jude football pool friend. God Bless you all!

To : David, Lisa, Suzanne and the family Date : Wednesday, April 19th 2017
From : Jack and Noony Malone
To Lisa, Suzanne, David and the entire Karam family. Noony and I send our deepest sympathy to all of you on the loss of your father. He left us and anyone he met, I suspect, a strong impression of the man he was: in his faith and his love for his family. We were blessed to have known him and trust he has earned his eternal reward. We pray that you rest in the comfort of God's love and compassion.
Love Jack and Noony

To : Karam Family Date : Friday, April 21st 2017
From : M/M Steven Saliba & Family
Our sincerest condolences to the entire Karam family. Kara, the kids, and I will cherish our many talks with Amo Joseph at the Our Lady of Lebanon mission. May his Memory be Eternal!

To : Aunt Louise and the Karam Family Date : Thursday, May 4th 2017
From : Mary Beth Thomas
Dear Aunt Louise,

As you know, you and Uncle Joe and the entire Karam family were integral in my and my family's life. Moving to Texas separated us geographically but not in ongoing regard and love. My father Bob Thomas loved Joe deeply and I smile when I think of them together now. What a match! Fondest regards, Mary Beth and all of the Thomas children.

To : Karam Family Date : Friday, July 28th 2017
From : Carol Wylie Jones
Dear Karam Family, When I was 19 years old (1964), I had the good fortune to be referred to Mr. Karam by a psychologist who worked at the Children's Mental Health Center. My family lived in Ft Wayne, Indiana, but I was a freshman at Ohio State in Columbus. At the end of my freshman year, I went home to spend the quarter break with my family. Sad to say, my father committed suicide a few days after I arrived home. I was left with a very ill mother and 3 younger siblings. Knowing that I had to continue my studies at Ohio State and care for my family, I moved my remaining family to Columbus. We were all very distraught. I decided that we all needed some guidance, so I took everyone to the Children's Mental Health Center. There I was assigned to a psychologist who had the wisdom to see that my family needed a lot of support. In addition to the counseling, my psychologist arranged for me to meet Mr. Karam. He was like an angle sent from heaven to help me! He provided the legal direction I needed to keep my family together, and still continue my studies at OSU. He was a kind, generous man. I know he has received a gold star in heaven!

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