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Donald "Don" Lombardo

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Condolences For Donald "Don" Lombardo

To : Debra Lombardo Date : Wednesday, February 8th 2017
From : Rick, Holly, Raechel & Ryan Lombardo
I was a boy when I knew Donnie best and can't stop smiling just thinking about him and those days, even at this sad time. He was always smiling, quick to laugh and never seemed to get upset, like his brother, my Dad, "Dickie". Donnie invariably had a wadded-up napkin he would toss from hand to hand, calling an imaginary ballgame as he walked across the room..."a sharply hit ball to first and Willie Montanez makes the play!" Always clicking away on his camera, Kitty used to tease that we never saw a single picture he took, but then, he even seemed to enjoy being teased. We lovingly mimic his agreeable nature to this day..."you know, you're right, Dickie"...we'll say in Donnie's way when someone makes an undeniable point at our house. A good, sweet and gentle man we were all fortunate to know. Our fond memories are no consolation to Debra and we cannot imagine her loss. Our thoughts are with her and all who knew Donnie well.

To : Debbie Date : Thursday, February 9th 2017
From : Ashish Badjatia
I was saddened to hear of Don's passing. My son and I wanted to offer our condolences to you at this difficult time. Our thoughts are with you.

To : Debbie Date : Friday, February 10th 2017
From : Theresa Fabia-Strocko

To : Debbie Date : Friday, February 10th 2017
From : Theresa Fabia-Strocko & family
So sorry for your loss. May God bless you and your family in this time of sorrow.

To : Debbie Date : Friday, February 10th 2017
From : Tristar Friends
So so sorry to here about Don. The ones who knew him are shocked to here of his passing. We had so much fun with him and he will be truly missed. We were truly looking forward to his return to work. Our hearts and prayers are with you and your family and his furry friends as they will always him.

To : Debra Lombardo Date : Saturday, February 11th 2017
From : Debbie Dolezal
I am so sorry to hear about Don. He and I had many laughs at Tristar and I will always admire the quality of his paper work. He would laugh and appreciate that. I so hoped to see him back at work. We miss him there. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

To : Debbie Date : Monday, March 13th 2017
From : Bob Deraska
Debbie - I was so saddened to read of he passing of Don in the Catholic Times. Although we lost touch for over 20 years I always remembered Don fondly and cherished the good times we had together. He will always be special to me. My heart feels for your loss and my old friend. RIP Donny, you will always be remembered.

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